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Chaturmukha Brahma Temple Guntur (Chebrolu)

Chaturmukha Brahma Temple Guntur (Chebrolu)

chebrolu is a Village in Unguturu Mandal , West Godavari District , Andhra Pradesh State . Chebrolu is located 2 km distance from its Mandal Main Town Unguturu . Chebrolu is 34.5 km far from its District Main City Eluru . It is 317 km far from its State Main City Hyderabad .Near By Villages of this Village with distance are Unguturu(2 k.m.) ,Gopinathapatnam(3.2 k.m.) ,Rachuru(3.3 k.m.) ,Ravulaparru(3.3 k.m.) ,Kagupadu(4.6 k.m.) ,. Nearest Towns are Unguturu(2 k.m.) ,Nidamarru(7.1 k.m.) ,Nallajerla(12.9 k.m.) ,Tadepalligudem(13.5 k.m.) ,

Akkupalligokavaram , Apparaopeta , Badampudi , Bommidi , Chebrolu , Dontavaram , … . are the villages along with this village in the same Unguturu Mandal.

Chebrolu Brahma Temple History:

Chebrolu Brahma Temple is believed to be 1000 years old. Temple is located in Guntur district and is the
only temple for Brahma in Andhra Pradesh. One Temple for Brahma is located in Kasi and another one at Chebrolu. Temples in Chebrolu is of 2000 years old and dates to Chola, Chalukya, Pallava, and Kakatiya dynasties. From the inscriptions, it is known that Bayanambini, Commander-In-Chief of Easter Chalukyas conquered Dharanikota (the present Amaravati) and Yanamadula forts and ruled this region with Chebrolu
as the capital. During this time, many temples were raised in and around Chebrolu by Bayanambini. It is also known from the inscriptions that Chebrolu supposed to have 101 shrines.

As per the Legends, Sage Bhrugu cursed Brahma that he will not be worshipped during Kaliyuga. Hence,there are no temples for Lord Brahma on the Earth. Temple at Chebrolu is surrounded by water on the sides with a pathway in the middle. Brahma was engraved on the four sides of the Linga. This Linga is called by Chatrurmukha Brahma Lingeswara. Sahasra Lingeswara, Veerabadhra, Nageswara, and Bhimeswara shrines are located nearby to this temple. Nandi statue which stands outside the temple was carved out of a single red stone. This temple was built by the King Raja Vasireddy Venkatadri Naidu and is of 200 years old. From the inscriptions, it is known that there supposed to a shrine of 12 feet Nataraja right opposite to the dilapidated Nandi statue close to Nageswara Temple.From the inscriptions, it is known that there supposed to a shrine for 12 feet Nataraja Idol right opposite to the damaged Nandi statue close to Nageswara Temple.

Chebrole is located in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. This place is famous for its Chaturmukha Brahma Lingeswara Temple. The depiction of Brahma is unique to this place as the Lord is seen with four faces (Chaturmukha) here. A beautiful Nandi carved in red-stone can also be seen in this temple. Buckingham canal which passes through this place was an important source of irrigation and inland transport.The Brahmalingeshwara temple also contains the tiny shrines,which is located at the center point of the temple tank. The prime god is Shiva Linga, which  includes four faces of Lord Brahma.

It is said that Lord Brahma was cursed by Bhrugu Maharshi that he would not be worshipped on earth which is the reason why a Shivalinga with carvings of Brahma on its four sides was consecrated here,  instead of a separate idols for him.

Temple Timings : 5am to 10 am


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